Louis Tomlinson Goes On Twitter Rant About Estranged Father

Louis Tomlinson One Direction Twitter Rant

Uh-oh…talk about “Daddy Issues!” One Direction heartthrob Louis Tomlinson had one heck of a horrible afternoon yesterday and took to twitter to vent.  The rant was in response to an article featuring Louis’ estranged father, Troy Austin, who has not spoken to the now-21 Tomlinson since age two, issuing a public plea through “The Mirror” about wanting to reconnect with the 1D hunk, saying:

“I know people will think I’m only interested in being part of his life again because he’s rich and famous. But it’s not about that. I’m his dad. We’re flesh and blood and nothing can change that. I’m so proud of him I could burst. I would love to see him again and have a proper relationship with him. What dad wouldn’t? But it’s up to him.”

So, this isn’t for fame and fortune? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Turns out that Tomlinson was less-than-pleased with The Mirror AND his estranged father for airing family drama to the masses, tweeting:

Louis Tomlinson One Direction Twitter Rant

I can totally understand the hostility, this just SCREAMS of publicity for his dad to me.  But, at least Tomlinson knows that his fans are always there for him, and took time out of his day to thank them.  Keep your head up, Louis!

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