Avicii Delays Surgery To Play Weekend Shows


Wow Avicii, talk about dedication!  The Swedish dreamboat gave EDM lovers a scare recently when he had to cancel performances at both the Future Music Festival in Brisbane and Perth on Saturday (March 2nd) and Sunday (March 3rd) due to “stomach related issues.”  After being in the hospital for nearly a week, Avicii took to twitter to update his fans on his condition, saying:

“Finally out of the hospital and on recovery mode and trying to pull everything together in order to do as many shows as possible!”

He also announced that he is putting off major surgery in order to do performances in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide this weekend, explaining:

“I’m also really sorry for everyone who wanted to see me in Brisbane and Perth, I really did everything I could days prior to get better but I wasn’t allowed to leave hospital until now. I was gonna remove my gallbladder now which might be behind all of this too, but luckily I’m able to do that at a later time! Right now I’m just really relieved to be out of the hospital and to be able do the shows that I can.”

Well, the show must go on, I guess!  Although I’m sure many would have understood the need to cancel for surgery, this shows some SERIOUS love for fans!  Feel better soon, Avicii, we just want you happy and healthy!

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