The Gaslight Anthem Releases Short Film – ‘Every Word Handwritten’

Attention all vinyl collectors and enthusiasts!  New Jersey punk band, The Gaslight Anthem, has filmed and released a fifteen minute short film about the lifespan of a vinyl record and its effects on different generations, and you can view it for free online!

Every Word Handwritten is the film production and co-writing debut of drummer Benny Horowitz, who is very passionate about the subject, being a record collector himself:

“It’s a big thing for us…I fell in love with music when there was no digital music. And I’m still in love with music when the entire format of the industry changed. It is an interesting thing to be a music fan and go through those waves…I couldn’t imagine vinyl not being in my life…I couldn’t imagine walking into my living room and not seeing my records.”

Horowitz wrote the script and filmed the short movie along with Kevin Slack, while The Gaslight Anthem’s guitarist, Alex Rosamilia, handled the score with help from Wes Kleinknecht.

Watch the whole thing below!

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