Brian May & Tony Iommi Releasing An Album Together!

…Okay…can I just…give me a second here…

Okay, okay, okay…I’m calm.  Phewf! Now, I am pleased to announce that legends Brian May (Queen) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) have officially confirmed that they are releasing an album together! The two icons broke the incredible news during an interview for the latest edition of Kerrang! Magazine, when Iommi turned to May and asked:

“When are we going to get to work on that album of riffs together? You know what I’m talking about…”

To which May replied:

“Yes, I do know what he’s talking about and I’m very, very keen.  The record he’s talking about was supposed to be a secret but I guess he’s blown it now!”

Whoops! Talk about letting the cat out of the bag!  All secrets aside though, I’m SO excited for this album to come out and will make sure to keep everyone posted with details as they are released!  Now, if you would excuse me, I have some more squealing to do…

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