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Hello Observer Album Cover Art Review

For fans of: PANTyRAiD, Two Fingers, Eskmo.

Space cadets, ASSEMBLEEEEE! Coming to us straight from the stars (or BandCamp, whatever), is Hello Observers, who just released their debut, self-titled album on BandCamp for exactly $0!  The album kicks off with “This Is Happening,” an chiming intergalactic jam sprinkled with hints of tribal influence. “Crawler” shows a darker side to Hello Observers, with a strong drop that will blast out your speakers before fading into “Let’s Flow.” “Nerves Of The Heavenly Body” is one of the album’s stand-out tracks, masterfully layering countless complex rhythms, genres, and melodies to create a uplifting futuristic track with hit potential.  “Apophenia Swamp” is one of the album’s most aggressive tracks, sounding like a toned-down Skrillex without the rage-your-face-off hook. “Wreckage” brings down the record’s tone with a contemplative sound before blasting into “Lunar Tribe Rain Dance,” a far-out tune that will leave you chilled out to the max. “I Feel Weird” is another standout track: nearly overwhelming in it’s intensity, Hello Observers throw everything they’ve got. The Jetson’s-esque intro intermingles beautifully with the near combative bass, before tinkling bells float over and take your home. Wrapping up the album is “Hive Mind,” a blend of orchestral and ambient sounds, before concluding with the short and sweet “What Just Happened?” Overall, Hello Observers is certainly a name to watch out for – they are truly out of this world!

Download the full album for free on BandCamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. This Is Happening
  2. Crawler
  3. Let’s Flow
  4. Nerves Of The Heavenly Body
  5. Apophenia Swamp
  6. Wreckage
  7. Lunar Tribe Rain Dance
  8. I Feel Weird
  9.  Hive Mind
  10. What Just Happened?

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