Ciara’s Self Titled Album “Ciara”


Ciara has had her fair share of up and downs since releasing her first album back in 2004. She first came in very strong with her first two albums going platinum and having multiple hits but her last two albums haven’t garnered nearly as much success. She has also had major problems with her previous record label, LaFace Records, that released her first four albums and now she has signed on to Epic Records where she will be releasing her new self titled album Ciara on July 9th.

So far Ciara has had some success with her first single “Body Party” a slow jam R&B song which is what Ciara is known for. It really hits right where she left off with her hit song “Promise” back in 2006. There aren’t many female singers that can consistently release a sultry baby making song like Ciara does and “Body Party” does it perfectly.

There are two sides to Ciara and one side is slow R&B jams while the other side is more of a dance hard track which is what her second single “I’m Out” is set to accomplish. With the help of Nicki Minaj who surprisingly kills her verse to begin the song, this song is one of the brightest spots of this album. It’s a perfect summer song that many females will automatically sing along to. It wasn’t until their performance at the recent BET awards that this song really began to get much well deserved attention which could cause it to become a big hit for Ciara.

Another great song off the album that has a perfect radio sound and that I believe should be the third single is “Overdose”. It is completely different from most of the songs this album has to offer and it works perfectly. It has a pop sound to it but Ciara keeps her R&B sounds in it as well. I think this song would bring the most success and continue Ciara’s big comeback onto the radio.

Besides those singles this album has a lot to offer.”Livin It Up” also featuring Nicki Minaj. I don’t understand why it was necessary to have another Minaj feature as it didn’t add too much to the track but other than that its another catchy pop/R&B sounding song. Other top songs are “Read My Lips” a futuristic sounding R&B song, “DUI” a straight-up slow jam that fits in perfectly with the flow of the album and “Where You Go” featuring her boyfriend Future.

Overall this album is a very good album that has many different pieces to it that work and blend perfectly together. There are only a few songs that do nothing for me but the majority of songs are good if not very good. There are certain songs with questionable sounds but it all works well together as a whole and that’s what an album should be. Could this be the comeback Ciara has been looking for? With the material on this album it very well in fact could be.

Check out her newest music video for “I’m Out” featuring Nicki Minaj

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