Spin Doctors Return To Their Roots With New Blues Album

The Spin Doctors Perform Live

The Spin Doctors will always be an electric funk/blues jam band who pen incredibly catchy pop/rock tunes to me. Whoever has followed their career from the beginning, or who has seen them perform live, will share the same opinion. Others, however, may only remember them from their 90s pop radio hits Two Princes and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong off of their Pocket Full Of Kryptonite album. If you are one of those “others”, I recommend you take a listen to some of their full albums or check out a live show.

If The River Was Whiskey As I type this, The Spin Doctors’ new album If The River Was Whiskey sits near the top of the iTunes Blues Albums Sales Chart. With this new album, the boys return to their funky blues roots and offer 10 new tracks strong enough to please both blues fans and fans of the band’s previous pop/rock releases.

The band celebrated the release of this new album with a record release party at Brooklyn Bowl on May 7th, 2013. Their set consisted of an energetic mix of their greatest hits as well as tracks from the new album. During the performance of the title track from the album, If The River Was Whiskey, footage was shot for a new music video. Look for it coming soon.

Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of behind the scenes footage:

And Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong – always a crowd pleaser.

The album is currently available on Amazon.com:

And it’s also streaming on Spotify:

Here are a few more photos from the event:
The Spin Doctors Record Release Party Brooklyn Bowl
Your heart is a refrigerator car…

The Spin Doctors Perform At Brooklyn Bowl
Eric Schenkman’s guitar blazes through all of the tracks on the new album.

Chris Barron
Chris Barron – always an excellent showman.

The Spin Doctors
Standing room view.

The Spin Doctors
What time is it? 4:30. It’s not late. No. No. No. It’s just early, early, early….

Spin Doc tors Set List Brooklyn Bowl
The band hung around after the show to meet, greet, and sign autographs. Uday, a very happy fan, scored a set list and had it signed.

Good luck to the band on their new album and thanks for a great show!

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