Sigur Rós Posts Lyric Video for ‘Ísjaki’

Sigur Rós, Ísjaki|
Ever try singing along to a Sigur Rós song and find yourself just sort of making (attempted) falsetto noises?  Psh, don’t lie to me; I just described EVERY time you try and sing along with lead singer Jónsi.  Hell, even he makes up his own words sometimes in Hopelandic, his more advanced form of gibberish.  Now is your chance to impress…mostly yourself with the band’s first ever lyric video!

The video is for a new Sigur Rós song entitled “Ísjaki,” which will appear on the band’s new album, Kveikur, set to release in June.  The lyrics appear in glowing letters in front of ominous images creeping out of the shadows.  The song itself is in typical Sigur Rós fashion, a.k.a. BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, ETC.

This follows the also spine-chilling video for the first released song off Kveikur, “Brennisteinn.”  With seven still unheard new tracks to go, we absolutely cannot wait to hear the whole album.  Watch the new lyric video below and sing along (though it’s still not in English, so…good luck)!

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