New You, Me, and Everyone We Know: ‘I’d Contribute More Dead’

you, me, and everyone we know, ym&ewk
You, Me, and Everyone We Know’s existence as a band has been a roller coaster ride.  The “about” section of their Facebook says it all:

7 years, 11 or so members and nearly as many fill ins, 4 EPs, 1 LP, and two full-on band collapses later…

Even after every member quit in 2011 besides (and because of) vocalist Ben Liebsch, he decided to continue the band himself, this time while sober.  The A Great Big Hole EP released in 2012 showed Liebsch’s determination to continue the “group,” but with the new stream of “I’d Contribute More Dead,” we’re seeing that this determination has found its step and is translating impeccably into the cheeky pop rock that nabbed the band its fans in the first place.

The stream of “I’d Contribute More Dead” also comes with the announcement of a new EP, I Wish More People Gave A Shit.  Straight-forward enough…or is it?  Liebsch stated of the title on PropertyOfZack:

I suppose a title like that deserves an explanation, but let’s leave it at it has nothing to do with me directly speaking, or the band, or anything else so self pitying. I wrote out this long winded explanation about how I came to write this thing, but i figure it’ll make for a better conversation or interview.

We volunteer to do the interview!  The track listing for the EP isn’t final yet, but as of now, it will also include songs entitled “The Big Mistake,” “Better Men,” and “The Winds Won’t Change.”  “I’d Contribute More Dead” recaptures the magic that I personally adored in the band’s first two EPs and the Some Things Don’t Wash Out LP, enthusiastic gang vocal yelling and all.

Listen below and let us know what you think!

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