Pretty Lights Debuts Stunning New Single, Album, & Documentary Trailer

Pretty Lights Album Artwork Released

Oh, Pretty Lights, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Pretty Lights Wayne's World Not Worthy Gif

Now that that’s settled, let’s get down to business, shall we? Derek Vincent Smith, AKA Pretty Lights, has just released a truly fantastic new single featuring Brooklyn native Talib Kweli, along with album artwork for his upcoming record, AND a documentary trailer showing what he did differently this time around.  The single, “Around The Block,” is a chill-inducing mixture of countless complex beats from all genres of music with a healthy dose of hip-hop, that will have you getting goosebumps in no time.  The album artwork is done in classic Pretty Lights style, blending a simple city background with a hint of psychedelic flair, again managing to capture the calming but trippy sound of Smith’s music. In addition to this new record, Pretty Lights will be releasing physical albums for the first time ever. When asked about his upcoming projects, Smith explained:

“This is the first time I am releasing an album as a physical product at the same time as a digital version. I have double disc CDs and full length vinyl records available with amazing hard cover book packaging that looks stunning and contains a 28 page photo booklet documenting much of the making of the album. The second disc of the double CD set contains 13 additional tracks straight off the vinyl acetates that I composed and created in order to make legit sounding samples for A Color Map of The Sun.”

“Like always, the album will be available in its entirety as a free download on the album’s release date via For the first time however, I encourage you to purchase a copy of the album. There are two honest reasons for this. The main reason is that as an artist I have always reinvested any success I have directly back into the music, the show and the art that goes along with it.”

“Secondly, this isn’t just an album; it is a massive collection of music beyond what is on the CDs that I will continue to put out after the album release. There is an insightful documentary film on the making of this project to be released alongside the launch of the album, as well as a music video for every song. They are all beautiful and uniquely unusual pieces of art.”

“This ‘album’ is a multi-medium map of my mind and my self. It is personal and honest and I put everything into it. I have stayed on the path of being a completely independent musician and with the help of every supporter and friend, we have transformed a simple idea into a movement, a cultural beacon of light.”

“If you can, I encourage you to purchase a digital or physical copy of A Color Map of the Sun. If not simply support by sharing the music and sharing the idea. If there is any success to be had from this album, it will go back into my rule bending, never ending quest to channel beauty and taste through music and art.”

“Either way, I made this music for everyone. Support this release and let’s show the world how we do. The time is now. – Derek Vincent Smith”

Considering that literally everything this man does is pure gold, I have no doubt that all of his future endevors will be incredible.  You can check out both the music video and documentary trailer below!

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