Three Members Leave Tigers Jaw

tigers jaw
Talk about a total bummer.  Tigers Jaw’s first release was back in 2006, but the probable breakup seems premature with the success the band has seen since the releases of their last two albums.  With their unique sound and celebrated contrasting vocals, the group broadly appealed to numerous fanbases, including emo, indie, punk, garage, etc.  “Never saw it coming?”  Neither did the two remaining members.  Brianna Collins, keyboardist and backing vocalist, wrote about the sad TJ news on the band’s tumblr:

After our show in Scranton two weeks ago, Adam, Pat, and Dennis let Ben and I know that for personal reasons they are unable to do Tigers Jaw right now. This was a surprise for the both of us, but everyone is on good terms, and we respect and support them and their decisions.

A full band Tigers Jaw lineup (consisting of Ben and I with the help of some talented friends) will be doing a full US tour in May-June as well as the UK dates of the previously announced tour with the Menzingers in August. We regret to announce that we will have to cancel the mainland Europe dates. We apologize to the promoters, venues, and anyone who bought tickets.

These are likely to be the last Tigers Jaw tours for the foreseeable future. US tour dates will be announced soon. Thanks.

– Brianna

So, the band might not be over, but with three key members gone (including the two lead vocalists), it’s hard to imagine their possible future.  I know that I’m curious as to who will be joining them on the for-now final tour dates, and if Collins could possibly be taking over more on the vocal front.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see the fate of Tigers Jaw, and the members who quit.  At least we know the split was amicable.  Well, that’s what they (always) say, at least.

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