Beyonce Releases “Bow Down/I Been On”

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Queen B might as well be her legal name at this point.  Beyonce, who can be seen wearing attire suitable for (pop) royalty in her promotions for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, has finally released the first single, “Bow Down/I Been On,” off her upcoming album.

The self-empowering song begins with Bey reminding us that she’s not just Jay-Z’s “little wife,” and that all of us “bitches” need to “bow down.”  She makes a real point of that, considering she actually sings “bow down, bitches” seven times within the first minute.

The track then transforms into the “I Been On” portion, with slowed down electronic beats accompanying a man’s deep voice Beyonce’s low, pitch-altered vocals.  Not the Beyonce we’re used to, but we’re intrigued about this new direction, and loving the confidence as long as she continues to back it up with her talent.

Stream “Bow Down/I Been On” below!  Are you “crazy in love” with it?  Or do you only give it a “4?”  Let us know!

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