Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Release ‘Everything Has Changed’ Video

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YES!  It’s always a fun time writing about Taylor Swift, and a new music video definitely warrants an article!  Swift and our favorite ginger dreamboat, Ed Sheeran, have put out the video for their song “Everything Has Changed,” which appears on Swift’s album, Red.  The song itself is one of Swift’s better efforts in my personal opinion, but with help from Sheeran and the talent Butch Walker as producer, it would be hard to mess up this track.  Onto the video!

A young girl with curly blonde locks sits next to a boy with shaggy red hair on the bus as the song begins.  HMMM, I wonder who they could represent?  At least Swift has finally found a fitting way to visually manifest her infamous immaturity.  What’s that?  The children in the video are mature beyond their years?  Welp.

We see the two cuties latch onto one another throughout daily school activities, including gym class and band class, as pictured above.  But seriously, they’re off to the side during gym doing yoga by themselves.  THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.  Speaking of things that don’t happen, if you find yourself beginning to feel jealous of the young couple’s relationship, just remember that elementary school aged boys do NOT (or cannot) read The Notebook in real life.

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Yeah, you guys did it better.

So, do the present day Swift and Sheeran even appear in their own video?  Guess you’ll have to watch and see.

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