Jam Of The Day – Father And Son – Engelbert Humperdinck With Bradley Dorsey

Engelbert Calling Cover Art USA

One of the greatest male vocalists of 20th century pop music, Engelbert Humperdinck, has a brand new CD out featuring 23 duets with huge artists like Elton John, Willie Nelson, Gene Simmons, Olivia Newton-John, Wynonna Judd, Il Divo, and a ton of others. How this release is not getting more media attention is beyond me. All of the duets are stunning, with a production quality far surpassing any other duets CD that is currently being marketed and promoted by similar old school type artists today. We here at Jamspreader favorite the closing track, the mellow and somewhat melancholy duet by father and son called Father And Son. Those of you without any knowledge of pop music history, Engelbert Humperdinck’s real name is Arnold George Dorsey. Hence Bradley Dorsey is his son. Father And Son is a cover of a Cat Stevens song. Cat Stevens may have wrote it, but Engelbert and Bradley’s version is eminently more listenable. Enjoy.

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Here’s the original Cat Stevens version:

And here’s the silky smooth Humperdinck duet:

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