Jam Of The Day – Ugly Heart – G.R.L.

GRL Ugly Heart

Let’s appreciate a good song for what it is – a good song. It has great energy, a really catchy hook, thumping drums and even features a ukulele!

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The problem is that once you get past that, you find that GRL are a plastic, fabricated pop group with members that look more like costumed wannabe Hollywood starlets or porn stars than musicians. It makes you wonder if any of them can really sing or is it all just lip syncing for entertainment purposes – men’s entertainment purposes. I really shudder to think about the kind of messages that this group sends to impressionable young girls.

There’s also a highly-produced, big budget video for this song that makes absolutely no sense because the visuals seem to be in direct contrast to the message of the song. Especially the ending – “now your face is like your heart – ugly”. huh? Yeah, I get it, the girls were arrested because they attacked the guy and tattooed all of that stuff on his face against his will. It seems that their hearts aren’t any prettier than his…

But it’s a good song. Spread the jam.

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