Zoo Brother – Gemini Girl EP

Zoo Brother Gemini Girl EP

For fans of: Neon Indian, Panda Bear, Beach House.

Zoo Brother is back with their sophomore EP Gemini Girl.  The Chicago-based good-guys welcome summer with open arms in Gemini Girl, fully embracing a lighter, airier sound that will have you feeling breezy in no time. The album kicks off with Fourth of July, fireworks appropriately popping while Molly Ringwald delivers the infamous Sixteen Candles line of, “I can’t believe I gave my panties to a GEEK,” before diving into a perky, rhythmic Lumineers-esque jam. Next is Psychic Whatever (w/Atlas Murphy), a Washed Out-meets-Pretty Lights track full of spacey, weightless melodies counterbalanced by heartbroken lyrics. “Used to melt from your gaze but now it’s hardly the same,” frontman William Karmis bemoans, “it all comes back to what you wanted…”

Following Psychic Whatever is the albums title track, Gemini Girl, which pairs rhythmic, trance-inducing beats with wispy keys to create breathtaking harmonies. Dreamwalking is a stand-out track, with Zoo Brother channeling their inner Tame Impala for a melancholy jam-sesh about growing older. “It’s sad to say,” Karmis sighs, “but we are old and we’ll die just as fast as we came…” Wrapping up Gemini Girl is the calming If I Could (You Will Know), before fading into Please Don’t, that provides the perfect closing to a solid sophomore album. You can download your copy of Gemini Girl here!

Track Listing:

  1. Fourth of July
  2. Psychic Whatever (w/Atlas Murphy)
  3. Gemini Girl
  4. Dreamwalking
  5. If I Could (You Will Know)
  6. Please Don’t

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